Why the rise of the low-cost Internet phenomenon

The latest data on the use of the Internet to make purchases by users has shown that the low-cost phenomenon is no longer a fad but a reliable and lasting reality. This formula, which consists of lowering the final prices of products, something that is possible thanks to the adjustment and reduction of costs, is a success in many sectors, such as fashion or technology. Another sector in which the low-cost phenomenon has burst onto the scene is tourism, something that allows users to organise their own holidays as they please without having to resort to travel agencies and thus save good amounts of money. The fashion sector, on the other hand, is probably one of the sectors that is experiencing the greatest boom thanks to the implementation of programs that allow shoppers to try on clothes online.

Traditionally, this phenomenon was thought to be associated with the economic crisis but, due to the current great expansion, it seems difficult to believe that it will disappear once the situation changes. The fact is that there are already many stores, both online and physical, that have launched in this territory and have published many related marketing campaigns. Moreover, for families and, in general, all kinds of buyers, whether they are seriously affected by the crisis or not, this trend has meant a breath of fresh air compared to traditional forms of sales. This is mainly due to the fact that low cost not only allows the purchase of high quality products at lower prices than usual, but also provides a series of additional values that customers value very positively.these values intrinsically linked to this trend are, above all, related to information.

The fact that, in the case of online stores, it is impossible to see and touch the product directly has led to the inclusion of all kinds of data and images from a wide range of perspectives in order to increase shoppers' confidence and to give them an idea as close to reality as possible. In addition, many websites in the low cost decoration sector, among others, such as Esdecor, have not only an extensive catalog of products but also a specialized blog that provides excellent advice on interior design and promotes interaction between both parties. Therefore, it seems obvious that this term will end up in our vocabulary as one more.

Peyton Li
Peyton Li

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