What foods to eat to regain morale after a love break-up?

A love break-up is often destructive for both men and women. It can have psychological effects such as depression and stress. However, a break-up can also have physical consequences as a result of the junk food that is ingested during this period. Eating is a natural reaction, but it is still necessary to watch what you eat so that you can quickly get back on track.

Eating habits change after a break-up

Breaking up with a person who has been part of your daily life leads to a great emptiness.

Following this upheaval, two reactions are observed in people who have been rejected. On the one hand, there are those who, to compensate for the emptiness, immediately turn to food. Women are more inclined to throw themselves into sweets (ice cream, chocolate, etc.), comfort foods that quickly engender gustatory pleasure. While some men after the break-up turn to alcohol, which can at the same time lead to euphoria, but is also an anesthetic by blocking (negative) emotions in this context.Then on the other side are those who on the contrary, have a loss of appetite in the early stages.

Because of the shock of the love break-up, some people are like boosted with adrenaline. Their intestinal transit thus seems to function in slow motion, erasing any need to feel the need to eat.Either way, this kind of behaviour can be harmful if it persists over time. Because good nutrition is good for your health, you need to balance your plate accordingly.

What foods will help you heal from your love break-up?

Once the first days of shock are over, you should think about getting back on your feet. At some point, your body will no longer be able to keep up, learn to listen to it.

The following foods will give you energy. For a great breakfast, drink homemade juices that heal first thing in the morning. According to your inclinations, you can mix colours, vegetables or fruits, nothing is forbidden. Green foods are the most recommended because of the chlorophyll contained in their composition.

Eating them promotes better oxygenation of neurons and intestinal cells.As a snack, take herbal teas that have a stimulating effect to fight against nervousness or stress caused by separation. You can, for example, make an herbal tea of St. John's wort, blackcurrant or ginseng during your low morale.At lunch, eat sardines or oysters. They are rich in vitamin B12 and omega 3 which balance the nervous system.

In addition, seafood has fatty acids that help the brain regenerate.For dessert, take a good dose of magnesium from chocolate, bananas or nuts (coconuts, cashews, etc.). This will help reduce anxiety and end your meal in a good mood.

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