SEBRAE presents worrying numbers about online sheets

The success and failure rate of new companies and digital stores in Brazil was presented by SEBRAE and the results are worrying. Come and learn more about SEBRAE data and what makes the difference between success and failure in these new companies.The 21st century has brought a new dynamic to the world, fully anchored in the online world and the digital universe. This new reality has made new ways of working emerge and more and more people start looking for their opportunities within digital markets.This change, therefore, ended up corresponding to an escalation of entrepreneurship, which became visible with the emergence of new companies online at international level and also on Brazilian soil.It is estimated that, worldwide, the increase in the number of online companies has been 23m only one year. Even so, as SEBRAE (Brazilian Support Service for Micro and Small Enterprises) demonstrated in a recent report, this index, at least in Brazil, does not correspond to very attractive success rates.Therefore, it is worth trying to understand what the success rates of online stores in Brazil are and what may be causing the desired success not to manifest itself in these rates.Come and find out what SEBRAE has presented and how you can make your company run away from them and achieve the desired success.

The numbers released by SEBRAE

The Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service - SEBRAE - has recently launched, based on the year 2018, figures that generate concern about the success rates of new companies and online stores on Brazilian soil.According to the figures presented by this entity, the bankruptcy of new companies that emerge in the online environment occurs, in 60 cases, in the first year of activity, and the number rises to 80% when the first 18 months of activity of these companies are considered.Although the number of companies is tending to increase, their success rates and market permeability do indeed seem to be well below what is expected, with numerous reasons for this.In addition to the harsh competitive logics, the way some people are unprepared to create a strong corporate identity - with a consistent name and one - means that many of the online stores are unable to pierce current market logics and present their full potential.

Building a solid brand identity

A good idea can make a good brand, but this is not enough - especially given current international business logic - to ensure that a company can effectively succeed and permeate markets.In a world where there are more and more companies and online stores, achieving the highlight of a brand implies that some time is lost in creating the distinctive features of the brand, which will help it to stand out, creating a unique and non-transferable identity.There are several aspects related to a brand identity, including its values and principles, its industry and also aspects such as the name, logo and slogan.

With features clearly related to creativity and design, these elements make the difference when it comes to highlighting a company.The lack of care in the construction of brand identity is the place where many companies fail, and often this is because the entrepreneurs who drive them do not understand the importance of the fundamental elements of this identity or because they do not know the economically viable alternatives to build them.

The importance of the logo in brand identity

Taking the logo as an example, we can better understand the role of brand identity elements in a company's success.Marketing experts believe that the image that makes up the logo is fundamental to success for several reasons. To begin with, this image is a kind of business card of the company, which allows the public to identify it and distinguish it from others.Nowadays, in order to build a good brand image and create a logo that fits the traits of a particular online store, it is no longer necessary to spend a lot of money on creatives. The digital world itself, aware of the difficulties of the market, has created very viable alternatives, such as online generators, which allow the creation of these business elements at low cost or even free of charge.Thus, to try to counter SEBRAE's numbers, the most important thing will be a search for these alternatives, to ensure that the company structures its identity well, with a strong name, logo and slogan that distinguish it from the others.This sensitivity to the company's needs will certainly be a first step towards the company's success.

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